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We are a medical clinic specialised in rehabilitation and medical renewals. Our advatage is highly educated and experienced team. REMEDO is happy to offer you a proffessional help in your health problems. We offer treatment of chronic and acute orthopedic and neurological and rheumatological diseases. We provide rehabilitation after injuries, orthopedic surgery (also after endoprotezoplastykach arthritis), stroke. Out modern equipment provides a full range of treatments, physical therapy and physiotherapy, including rarely available in other centers, treatment with shortwave diathermy, massages eddy and the shock wave. There are also treatments in aesthetic medicine, ie. The reduction of cellulite, firming skin, shortness of scars, stretch marks reduction, improved skin texture, reducing the effects of skin aging, regeneration and rejuvenation of soft tissue. We employ a team of experienced specialists and physiotherapists. We provide medical consultations in the field of rehabilitation, orthopedics, neurology and rheumatology. In addition, you can use the medical advice in cardiology, endocrinology, diabetology and psychiatry. For each patient we determine an individual treatment plan, taking into account his age, comorbidities and current ailments. Thanks to the use of portable devices, it is also possible to perform some treatments of physiotherapy at home.

Our goals:

Education on healthy lifestyle.

Prevention of musculoskeletal diseases and diseases associated with sedentary work.

Treatment of the symptoms and eliminate the cause existing medical conditions.

Preventing a recurrence of the disease.

Our mission is to provide safe, individual, holistic rehabilitation of the latest achievements of medicine at a convenient time for the Patient.


Our offer

Cellular matrix

ESWT – Extracorporeal shock wave therapy

Physical treatment




Preparation for the ski season

The birth school

ANTI-cellulite treatments

Preventive orthopedic checkups


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